MOT Role in Aviation Sector


  • To develop an efficient, economical and safe air transport system for passengers and cargo
  • To plan and implement infrastructural projects to meet the demands of air transport


  • To plan and evaluate aviation policies
  • To increase international air services network through air negotiation
  • To plan and monitor implementation of airport development projects (development & system) according to standards set by Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) & International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • To coordinate civil aviation/air transport legal aspects and procedures on safety & security in accordance with ICAO


The overall infrastructure of aviation in Malaysia, governed by Ministry of Transport.

Safety and Security

Addresssing the issue through relevant agencies and implementation on various interventions and initiatives.

Operator and License

Services, license, tax, permit or registration and business related.​


Recent, on-going and future developments projects under Ministry of Transport.

Acts and Regulation

Regulated for the airlines, airports services operations and civil aviation activities.


Available programme, incentives and human capital development governed by Ministry of Transport.

Reports and Stats

Resources on reports and statistics under Ministry of Transport

Air Accident Investigation Bureau