MOT Role In Maritime Sector

  1. Formulating and implementing policies including privatisation and coordinating and monitoring of federal port operations activities.
  2. Planning and setting policies and affairs of ship safety and cruise, prevention of pollution from ships as well as the safety of property and lives at sea.
  3. Encouraging the participation of Malaysian entrepreneurs in the shipping industry locally and overseas.
  4. Strengthening international cooperation through maritime transport agreements memorandum of understanding and human capital development programmes.
  5. Endorsing and implementing international conventions and amending domestic regulations that are appropriate in accordance with requirements.
  6. Processing and issuing Domestic Shipping License (DSL).


Related to exisiting infrastructure that is in place.


Addressing maritime safety issues by collaborating with relevant agencies through various interventions and initiatives.

Operator and License

Services, license, tax, permit or registration and business related.


Recent, on-going and future developments projects under Ministry of Transport.


Information on agencies and ​association under Ministry of Transport within the sector.

Acts and Regulation

The Ministry of Transport has enacted the following acts, policies and regulations related to port operation and shipping


Available programme, incentives and human capital development governed by Ministry of Transport.

Reports and Stats

Resources on reports and statistics under Ministry of Transport