Ministry of Transport Malaysia



There are programs created by the government to help the public transport industry to continue to operate in improving the quality of services by increasing the frequency of travel and improving more efficient public transport conditions. Systematic public transport services and affordable fare saving rates can increase the accessibility of the people in using public transport as the main option.

Interim Stage Bus Support Fund (ISBSF)

SBSF was established by the government in 2012 to help cover the daily operating costs of the bus stop operators involved, following losses incurred due to part of their unprofitable routes. The government is paying attention to this issue as most of the routes involved are located in rural areas and the services are still needed by the residents to continue their daily activities. ISBSF was established by the government to ensure that bus companies, especially in rural areas, do not terminate their services due to the increased costs and losses incurred due to the lack of passengers. With this ISBSF fund, many companies can continue to operate in rural areas and consumers in the area do not have problems to get this public transport service.

Stage Bus Service Transformation (SBST)

SBST was established by the government in 2015 where the implementation and monitoring of SBST operations is more efficient and systematic. This program was started in state such as Kangar, Seremban, Ipoh and Kuala Terengganu.

Unlimited monthly travel passes for RapidKL and Rail (My100 and My50)

Unlimited monthly travel passes for RapidKL and Rail (My100 and My50) My100 monthly pass can be used unlimited to LRT, MRT, Monorail, RapidKL bus, MRT shuttle bus and even BRT service. Meanwhile, MY50 monthly pass provides unlimited access only to the use of RapidKL buses only, excluding BRT This is in line with the Government's intention to help reduce the cost of living of the people, especially the B40 group in urban areas with household income below RM3,860 per month and this Unlimited Monthly Pass initiative has also helped in increasing the number of public transport users in the Klang Valley under the supervision of Infrastructure.

Unlimited monthly travel passes "Mutiara Pass" for Rapid Penang and Rapid Ferry

The government has agreed to expand the use of these unlimited passes to Penang for Rapid Penang and Rapid Ferry services under Prasarana and known as MY50 Penang or “Mutiara Pass” which started on 1 Sept 2019. “Mutiara Pass” is an unlimited monthly pass based on the system open offered to passengers around Penang for Rapid Penang and Rapid Ferry services under the management of Prasarana where users can use the bus system as well as unlimited ferries for 30 days.

Unlimited monthly travel passes for RapidKL and Rail (My30))

The government has announced the RM30 Program where people only have to pay RM30 per month through the National Economic Regeneration Plan Program (“Penjana”), and enjoy unlimited travel passes for public transport under the supervision of Infrastructure in the Klang Valley. This initiative is to help the people and also public transport operators reduce the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and it is expected that 200 thousand users will benefit from this incentive introduced.