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The Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) is an independent entity responsible for investigating civil air accidents and incidents in Malaysia. The Bureau also participates in overseas investigations involving Malaysian civil-registered aircraft, adhering to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Convention. The AAIB was established in accordance with the Malaysian Cabinet decision dated 14 December 2011 and operates under the Ministry of Transport Malaysia, directly reporting to the Minister of Transport.

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AAIB Function

The AAIB is the primary authority entrusted with leading air accident investigations, and ensuring compliance with the guidelines set forth by the ICAO as well as the requirements of the Civil Aviation Regulations of 2016 (CAR 2016) with regard to air accident investigations.

T​he Bureau's other core functions encompass the collection, analysis, and assessment of all pertinent data pertaining to air accidents and incidents; determination of the underlying factors contributing to air accidents; and, assuming responsibility for crucial investigation elements such as wreckage, data and voice recorders, and the accident site itself. Additionally, the Bureau coordinates with pertinent safety agencies to safeguard the integrity of accident evidence.

 The AAIB delivers comprehensive investigation reports, including safety recommendations to address identified safety issues, in a collective effort to raise safety awareness and foster accident prevention across the aviation community.

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