Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Malaysia Aviation Academy (MAvA)

​​​The MAVA provides aviation related training to meet national and international needs; for operational and management personnel.


Program & Activities

The primary activities of MAVA are associated with Air Traffic Controllers training, which shall observe international standards and up-to-date techniques. Controllers’ training includes a range of courses from ab-initio training for new recruits to other advanced courses required to provide Air Traffic Services within Malaysia. ATC courses scheduling is coordinated with the Air Traffic Management-Service Provider on-need basis. Other aviation related management courses will be conducted towards building MAVA as a centre of excellence for training. MAVA also takes part in Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP) and provides training for international participants under ICAO’s umbrella. ​

The following training programs are conducted at MAVA:

  1. Primary ATC
  2. Aerodrome Control Course
  3. Approach Procedure Control Course
  4. Approach Radar Control Course
  5. Approach Radar Control Course (Conversion)
  6. Area Procedure Control Course
  7. Area Radar Control Course
  8. Air Traffic Flow Management Course
  9. Search and rescue Mission Coordinator (SAR MC)
  10. Aeronautical Fixed Service
  11. HF / Aeronautical Mobile Service
  12. Automatic Message Switching System
  13. Basic Instructional Techniques
  14. RVSM / RNAV Routes training
  15. ATC Automation
  16. Aviation Technical English
  17. Obstacle Clearance Limitation

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