Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Aviation Safety


Aviation safety refers to the efforts that are taken to ensure aircrafts manufactured are free from factors that may lead to injury or loss and safe flight operations within Malaysia’s air space,

Aviation security is a component that may affect passenger safety. It is not so much related to the aircraft itself, but rather to intelligence gathering, pre-boarding procedures and airport security personnel.

Aviation security is a combination of human and material resources to safeguard civil aviation against unlawful interference.

Emerging of drone technology (Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial System (UAV)) have change the way that safety and security in conventional civil aviation is seen.​

The Aviation Division plans and d​​evelop policies in regard to aviation safety and security standards, which include airworthiness, aviation security, aerodromes standards, air traffic management as well as flight operations. While Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) implements, monitors and conducts enforcement on the safety and security aspects through the following divisions:


The Airworthiness Division serves to oversee matters relating to the airworthiness standards, recommended practices and guidelines and enforcement as provided under the Civil Aviation Act 1969.

Aviation Sec​​urity ​

The Aviation Security (AVSEC) Division serves to safeguard domestic and international air transport from unlawful acts as required by ICAO Annexes 9, 17 and 18.​​

Aerodro​​​me Standards ​

The Aerodrome Standards Division responsible for overseeing the activities of aerodromes to ensure that the operations are safe and efficient for public use in accordance with ICAO Annex 14.

Air Traffic M​anagement ​

The Air Traffic Management Division is responsible for providing air traffic control services to ensure flight operations within Malaysia’s air space remains safe and efficient. Among the services in air traffic management are air traffic control (Aerodrome control, approach control and area control), advisory, flight information as well as search and rescue coordination. ​

​Flight Op​erations ​

The Flight Operations Division serves to regulate flight operations aspect, which includes the licensing for the crews and certification for the air carriers and ground handlers. ​