Staff Directory

Ministry of Transport staff directory by division.


Minister's Office

To providing guidance on the formation or improvement of public policy pertaining to the transportation and logistics sector to address the needs and interests of the country and her people. To implement tasks in related matters under the instructions of the Honourable Minister.

Deputy Minister's Office

Coordinate administrative matters at Deputy Minister's Office and perform other duties as required by the Deputy Minister.

Secretary General's Office

The Top Management of the Ministry including the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General.

Air Accident Investigation Bureau

Air accident prevention through research and development activities, records and data, studies on cases of air accidents. Measures of safety improvements

Procurement & Finance Division

Budget management, procurement and finance of the Ministry of Transport and Departments / Agencies.

Account Division

Payment Management, Accounts, Payroll, Consultation and two other general functions namely Information Technology and Administration.

Strategic Planning & International Division

Domestic and international policy planning in the transport sector, the development of the transport industry as well as matters related to facilitation and regulatory national transport sector.

Maritime Division

Maritime Safety, Maritime Economic, Domestic Shipping Licensing, International Convention and Maritime Attaché Office in London

Land Division

Regulating the policy for national land public transport involves road mode and rail mode

Aviation Division

Air Transport, Airport Services, Hubbing & Aerospace Industry, Licensing & Regional Cooperation, Rural Air Services, Safety & Convention

Development Division

Project Monitoring and Assesment Unit, Land Management and Technical Unit, Aviation and Maritime’s Project Implementation Unit, Land Unit and Dedicated Team of Gemas – JB

Information Management Division

Usage and implementing ICT programs in the Ministry, handling and maintaining the ICT infrastructure; and Develop and maintain Ministry’s application systems.​

Corporate Communication Unit

Disseminating information, managing the ministry's corporate image, media, and public relations function as well as managing complaints and other customer services related matters.​

Legal Advisor's Office

Provide legal advice in respect matters reffered to it by the Government, assisting in the interpetation of laws, draft or vet legal documents, conduct research or studies on legal matter and participate in contract negotiations.

Internal Audit Unit

Evaluation and determining effectiveness of all internal control processes and governance of the organization to achieve its established goal.

Integrity Unit

Implementation of good governance, identify and verify complaints of criminal misconduct and violation of the code of conduct, complaints management and compliance

Human Resource Management Division

Organizational developments, service related matters, personnel career developments and management psychology.​

Administration Division

Administration and assets management of the Ministry of Transport and Departments / Agencies.