Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia

Pembangunan Modal Insan

​​​The MAVA provides aviation related training to meet national and international needs; for operational and management personnel.


Program dan Aktiviti

The primary activities of MAVA are associated with Air Traffic Controllers training, which shall observe international standards and up-to-date techniques. Controllers’ training includes a range of courses from ab-initio training for new recruits to other advanced courses required to provide Ai​r Traffic Services within Malaysia. ATC courses scheduling is coordinated with the Air Traffic Management-Service Provider on-need basis. Other aviation related management courses will be conducted towards building MAVA as a centre of excellence for training. MAVA also takes part in Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP) and provides training for international participants under ICAO’s umbrella. ​

The following training programs are conducted at MAVA:

  • Primary ATC
  • Aerodrome Control Course
  • Approach Procedure Control Course
  • Approach Radar Control Course
  • Approach Radar Control Course (Conversion)
  • Area Procedure Control Course
  • Area Radar Control Course
  • Air Traffic Flow Management Course
  • Search and rescue Mission Coordinator (SAR MC)
  • Aeronautical Fixed Service
  • HF / Aeronautical Mobile Service
  • Automatic Message Switching System
  • Basic Instructional Techniques
  • RVSM / RNAV Routes training
  • ATC Automation
  • Aviation Technical English
  • Obstacle Clearance Limitation

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