Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Domestic Shipping Licensing

Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping refers to usage vessels:

  • For services, other than fishing, in the Federation waters or the Exclusive Economic Zone.
  • For shipment of goods or carriage passengers:
    1. From any port or place in Malaysia to another port or place in Malaysia
    2. From any port or place in Malaysia to any place in the exclusive economic zone or vice versa.

Domestic Shipping License

All vessels involved in domestic shipping services are required to have a Domestic Shipping License (DSL). However, exemptions are given to Malaysia vessels:

  • Net weight under 15 tonnes
  • Licensed under Section 475 MSO 1952 (boat license)
  • Licensed under MSO 1960 (Sabah) and (Sarawak)
  • Ownership / lease of the Central Government, State Government or Port Authority

Domestic Shipping License Application

Application for DSL can be made through eDSL System; a comprehensive end-to-end online system that provides smoother and efficient licensing services from application, payment and printing of license. eDSL System can be accessed via which also provides guidelines for DSL application. Any further enquiry can be forwarded to ​​​