Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Shipping - Ferry Services


Shipping includes cargo and ferry services, cruise shipping and ship registry. Malaysia Shipowners’ Association is a​n association that represents shipowners’ of Malaysian registered vessels.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ferry Services

Determintion of Ferry Routes

Maritime Division is responsible for establishing maritime transport access within waters of Malaysia and routes that crosses national borders. Application for routes are initiated by the private sector involving passenger ferries and Roll On Roll Off (RORO) ferry services.​


Approval for Ferry Operation

Maritime Division is responsible in approving applications of ferry services within Malaysia SUBJECT to the terms and conditions as follows:​ ​

  1. Companies must obtain written permission and berthing right at the terminal from the State authorities;
  2. Companies can only apply for a Domestic Shipping Licence after obtaining written permission for berthing right from the relevant terminals / ports of the State authorities;
  3. Companies are responsible for getting the approval of routes from the Marine Department of Malaysia and the State authorities;
  4. Companies must use Malaysian registered vessels for the purpose of operating the ferry in domestic waters;
  5. Any approval is subject to technical terms, operational, safety and security and other conditions set forth by the Marine Department of Malaysia and the Ministry of Transport Malaysia. ​ ​​