Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Vessel Traffic System (VTS)

​​​​Maritime safety includes area of safety of navigation, seafarers, oil spill response and vessel traffic system. These elements are essential to ensure Malaysian waters are safe, secure and to preserve the marine environment.​


Vessel Traffic System (VTS)

In view that the Straits of Malacca recorded an excess of 70,000 ships passing through the Straits every year, a Vessel Traffic System (VTS) have been installed along the Straits of Malacca to monitor ship movement

VTS is a marine traffic monitoring system to monitor ships’ movement plying Malaysian waters as well as to assist in ship navigation. Ships passing through the area of VTS operation will be monitored using a tracking system and are identified by their "call sign".

In any situation that may lead to the possibility of collision, the VTS duty officer will give an early warning of the situation so that ships can take appropriate action to avoid any collision or accident from occurring.​