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Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB)

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The establishment of the Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) is consistent with the Cabinet decision dated 14 December 2011 on the Memorandum of the Minister of Transport No. 1002/2011, which was agreed with regards to the establishment of AAIB within the Ministry of Transport and is directly responsible to the Minister of Transport. As an independent investigation entity, the AAIB is responsible for the independent safety investigation of all air accidents and incidents occurred in Malaysia which involve both Malaysian and foreign-registered civil aircraft. The bureau also participates in the overseas investigation of air accidents and incidents involving Malaysian civil-registered aircraft in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Convention.

AAIB also carries out the tasks of air accident prevention through research and development activities on an ongoing basis. This section will keep all records and data on cases of all air accidents and incidents that occurred in Malaysia and overseas involving Malaysian registered civil aircraft. The bureau also conducts a study on cases of air accidents and incidents that have occurred and any findings and measures in terms of safety improvements will be proposed to the parties concerned to rectify the weaknesses identified to prevent future accidents and incidents.

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AAIB Function

AAIB has the following functions:

  1. To lead the air accident investigation panel;
  2. To ensure air accident investigation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ICAO and CAR 2016;
  3. To collect record and analyse all the available information on accidents and incidents;
  4. To determine reasons and legitimacy of the factors that contribute to air accidents;
  5. Responsible over the wreckage, data and voice recorders, as well as the accident in order to investigate the cause of the accident;
  6. To coordinate action with the relevant safety agencies and to preserve the accident material and evidence so it is not contaminated or tampered with;
  7. To provide report related to the investigation of air accidents;
  8. To draft safety recommendations and to address these safety issues;
  9. To complete investigation reports;
  10. To increase awareness and understanding of accident prevention in all aviation community;



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