Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Action Plan of The Logistic And Trade Facilitation Masterplan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Purpose of the Masterplan:

The Logistics and Trade Facilitation Masterplan is designed to provide guidelines and strategies to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the transport and trade facilitation mechanisms, to improve productivity of the freight logistics industry and to provide a better environment for the logistics industry in the domestics and international markets.

The masterplan identifies and recognises the potential of the logistics industry. The vision of the masterplan is to place Malaysia as the “Preferred Logistics Gateway to Asia” by integrating the best infrastructure and network to establish an effective and competitive services.

The objectives of the Masterplan:

  1. ​​To develop strategies and action plans to improve the competitiveness of the logistics sector;
  2. To develop logistics as the new growth resource to country’s economy;
  3. To place Malaysia as the regional logistics hub.

Action Plan

  • Five(5) Strategic Shifts

  • 19 Action Items
    19-action-items.jpg ​​