Road Safety Plan (2021-2030)


Road Safety Plan of Malaysia 2014-2020 (RSPM 2014-2020) has been formulated to address all matters related to road safety in the country will be end soon. Currently, the Road Safety Plan of Malaysia 2021-2030 is in progress on development. A series of workshop will be held to assess the achievement and difficulties encountered in the implementation of the previous road safety plan. The Road Safety Plan of Malaysia 2021-2030 is also a rolling plan and will be continuously adjusted to achieve the goal of reducing deaths and injuries from road accidents.

New RSPM 2021-2030 will conclude and streamline with National Policy Plan of Malaysia 2019-2030 (NPPM 2019-2030). RSPM 2021-2030 will be implemented according to the third pillar of NPPM 2019-2030 – Policy Thrust 3: Enhance safety, integration, connectivity and accessibility for seamless journey for passenger and goods. The framework of RSPM 2021-2030 was developed based on the five road safety pillars which are Road Safety Management, Safer Mobility and Roads, Safer Vehicles, Safer road Users and Post-Crash Management as recommended in Decade of Actions for Road Safety by World Health Organization (WHO).

Road Safety Regulation in Malaysia