Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Road Accidents and Fatalities in Malaysia

Road Crash Data Tracking and Collection

There are two types of crash data collection in terms of method to track road crash and fatalities. One that is the authorized-based by the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) and another which is research-based by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS). Investigation by RMP serves legal purposes grounded by the Road Transport Act 1987 and covers all level of crash severity on the spot. The research-based approach by MIROS identifies crash and injury factors consisting of human, engineering and environmental aspects, conducted by two criteria, retrospective and on the spot.

The number of road accident in Malaysia is increased during last ten years (Figure 1). Meanwhile, the number of fatalities has been a steady reduction from peaked at 7,152 in 2016 and showed the lowest number at 6,167 in 2019 during the last ten years (Figure 2).

Malaysia Road Accident 2010 - 2019

Figure 1: Malaysia Road Accident 2010 - 2019

Malaysia Road Fatalities 2010 - 2019

Figure 2: Malaysia Road Fatalities 2010 - 2019​​