Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Pedestrian Safety


In Malaysia, pedestrians are the third highest fatality group after the motorcyclist and car driver/occupant. Comparing the pedestrian casualties for 12 years’ period (2006-2017), Figure 1 showed that the total number of pedestrian injuries had declined by 69%. Nevertheless, the number of pedestrian fatalities shows a little sign of improvement. On average, deaths of pedestrians counted about 542 persons every year, or about 45 persons every month.

Figure 1: Pedestrian Casualties in Malaysia

Figure 1: Pedestrian Casualties in Malaysia (Polis Diraja Malaysia [PDRM], 2017)

Looking at the pedestrian safety issues, child pedestrians are among the most vulnerable pedestrian groups. Child as a pedestrian is having small body size and low-level cognitive skills. Safe facilities consisting of the pedestrian crossing, footpath, sign, road marking and the traffic warden should be provided at school areas. Pedestrian crossing includes zebra crossing, signalized crossing and pedestrian bridge. If the pedestrian bridge is not to be provided at school, the visibility of zebra crossing should be enhanced by placing speed limit signs, school children signs and the transverse bar to reduce the approaching speed of vehicles.

The full article on pedestrian safety in Malaysia can be reached at following link: February issue of IEM JURUTERA Bulletin​​​