Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Operator and License

​Operator ​

Operator is the owner who carries out the operations and services of vehicles and transport. Operators consist of:

  1. Company (sole proprietorship / “enterprise” / private limited)
  2. Association
  3. Cooperatives
  4. Government agencies/ statutory bodies

Operator must have a valid business certificate or registration such as the business certificate of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Cooperative Registration Certificate, Registration of Societies Certificate and Establishment Act as a Government Agency / Statutory Body.​​



Operator's License​​​

Contains the main information of the operator which consists of the name, address and registration number of the company / association / cooperative / Government agency / statutory body​

Vehicle Permit​​​

Identification vehicle displayed in the vehicle/ transport during operation.

Contains information consisting of:

  • Name, register address and company / association / cooperative / government agency / statutory body number.
  • Validity period of permit
  • Special conditions of service / vehicle
  • Vehicle information such as number of seats, chassis number and engine​.

Any further inquiries on new applications, applications to renew operator's licenses and vehicle permits, circulars or related directories, please contact APAD officers at 03- 2603 6600 or visit the website​​​​