Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Land and Logistic Division

How the disabled (OKU) to get a driver's license. Are there any privileges to the group?

The conditions for applying for a driving license for the disabled are the same as for regular applications. However, the disabled are given facilities by allowing them to bring vehicles that have been modified during the Practical test.

What is a tail suit?

A tail summons is a notice to the vehicle owner to provide details of the driver of the vehicle under Section 115 of the Road Transport Act 1987 who commits the offense. This notice will be sent to the address of the vehicle owner found in the JPJ database. The official term for a tail suit is Notice Pol.170A.

Who issued the tail suit?

The tail summons was issued by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) for the offense of driving over the speed limit only.

How to apply for train land lease?

The public / company can apply for train land lease by filling out the PAK / H-01 form which can be found on the website or come in person to the Railway Assets Corporation office at the address as stated on the website.​​