Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Maritime Division


Maritime Division consist of 6 units, namely Ports, Maritime Safety, Maritime Economic, Domestic Shipping Licensing, International Convention and Maritime Attaché Office in London. The Maritime Attaché Office is responsible to ensure the safeguard of the interest of Malaysia maritime sector in dealing in the International Maritime Organization.

Client's Charter

  • To safeguard the interest of Malaysia’s maritime transportation at the international level;
  • To ensure that policy/method/process formulated are in line with the National Key Result Area (NKRA) implementation initiatives;
  • To process and approve license for domestic shipping within 2 working days upon receiving complete application. (Application received and processed after 3:00 pm will be considered as next day application);​
  • To print domestic shipping license within 1 working day for application approved and acceptence of payment before 4.00pm the same day;
  • To formulate Term of Reference, evaluate and present the outcome of conceptual study on maritime sector projects within 2 months;
  • To deal with complaints received within 3 working days.​​


  • To encourage Malaysian entrepreneurs to participate in the domestic and international shipping industry;
  • To formulate policies on navigational safety, pollution prevention from ships, ship’s operation, seafarer’s affairs, safety and third party liabilities;
  • To formulate policies, coordinate and oversee activities of federal ports;
  • To ratify and implement international convention and to amend domestic regulation accoding to the requirements;
  • To strengthen international cooperation through maritime transport agreements/ memorandum of understanding and human capital development programs; and
  • To process and issue domestic shipping license.


  • To provide a modern, effective, efficient and secure maritime transportation system;
  • To provide a conducive environment for a seamless and competitive trade;
  • To ensure the development of maritime industry is in consonant with the environment.

Organization Chart​

maritime division-cartamaritimbi.jpg