Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Logistic Division


Land transport such as road and rail transport is the main mode of transport in Malaysia. Thus, to coordinate all activities, the Land Division function an important role as a generator and driving the development and implementation or National Transport Policy.

To meet the general requirements, the various public transport policy designed to ensure that public land transport sector remains a safe and efficient based on current needs. According to the Road Transport Act and the Railways Act 1991, the enforcement and regulatory duties are under the roles and responsibilities of agencies such as the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Department of Railways, Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) and the Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS).

Client's Charter

We inland division Ministry of Transport will always strive to provide an efficient service, fast and clean, set standards that have been timely to all our clients by:

  • Commitment to carry out their duties diligently, in earnest, sincere, trustworthy, friendly and professional;.
  • To formulate policies relating to the licensing of drivers and driving schools, vehicle registration, road safety, technical standards of vehicles within a period not exceeding two months;
  • Ensure policies / rules / processes established pursuant to the implementation of initiatives-initiatives and MKRA NKRA;
  • Address issues of land transport safety within 1 month;
  • Ensure the interests of Pakistan at the international level relating to land transport has always maintained;
  • Coordinate input / feedback on policy issues and international land transport sector, within 14 working days;​
  • Ensure that the services provided by the Concession Company to comply with the Concession Agreement;​
  • Review and member feedback on the proposed land development project in the next 21 days;
  • Prepare Terms of Reference (TOR) for the basic studies of the project involves land within 14 days;
  • Make a technical assessment on the basis of research projects within a month, and;
  • Serving complaints received within 3 days;


  • To formulate policies on driving license, driving schools, vehicle registration, road safety and technical standards of vehicle conforming to international standards.
  • To formulate transport policies in order to increase the quality of land transport services;
  • Plan, coodinate and implement communication plans/promotions/publicity and engagement as well as achievements of the Ministry and its Agencies;
  • To ensure policies/process aligned with National Key Result Area (NKRA) initiatives;
  • To develop an integrated rail transportation infrastructure network and multi-modalism;
  • To implement Malaysia obligation under the ASEAN agreement and cross border related to road and rail transportation;
  • To ensure all rules under Railways Act 1991 and Road Transport Act 1987 in line with current needs;
  • To monitor and coordinate infrastructure development projects in the rail-based transport sector;
  • To formulate policies on fare rates for railway services.


  • To formulate policies, undertake research and to plan and coordinate developmental aspects of rail-based transport in order to create an efficient, economical and safe rail-based transport system;​​
  • To ensure that rail-based transport development is in line with the socio-economic development of the country;
  • To plan and to establish a convenient rail-based transport system which will encourage the use of rail-based transport and;
  • To inculcate understanding and awareness of the importance of road safety among the public.

Organization Chart​

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