Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Legal Advisor's Office

Client's Charter
  • To provide quality legal advice to the Ministry and its departments, agencies and divisions within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt of complete documents and information;
  • To draft and review any existing substantive or subsidiary legislation within 40 days after all legal and policy issues are resolved;
  • To vet contract/agreement documents belonging to departments/divisions and agencies under the Ministry within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of complete documents and information;
  • ​To peruse and provide direction on investigation papers relating to the offences under the legislations within the jurisdiction of the Ministry within fourteen (14) working days from the date of referral;
  • To represent the Government of Malaysia and the Ministry in civil litigation matters on the date, time and place as directed by the Attorney General.


  • To provide legal advice on all areas of law other than Islamic laws;
  • To assist in the interpretation of laws as and when requested by the Ministry;
  • To draft or vet legal documents/instruments such as legal notices, agreements and memorandum of understanding to which the Government is a party to ensure that the interest of the Government is protected;
  • To conduct research or studies on legal matters related to the Ministry as and when required by the Ministry;
  • To participate in contract negotiations in respect of the Government projects involving the Ministry;
  • To attend meetings and advise the Ministry on any arising legal issues;
  • To provide legal advise during any parliamentary session.


  • To advise the Ministry of Transport and its agencies on legal matters.
  • To handle legal matters that is referred by Ministry of Transport from time to time.​

Organization Chart​