Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Corporate Communication Unit


This unit was established in November 2008 incorporating the functions of Public Relations Unit, previously under the Corporate and International Division. The Unit is made of a Head of Corporate Communications, Public Relations Officers and support staff.

This unit acts as a focal point for the Ministry in disseminating information, managing the ministry's corporate image, media, and public relations function as well as managing complaints and other customer services related matters.​

Client's Charter

  • To Provide professional, friendly, courteous and efficient services.
  • To Respond to customer queries and complaints within three working days.
  • Provide a comfortable and friendly customer services customers.
  • Publicise Ministry's program and activities to target audience group.
  • Provide Report on Public Complaints to the Public Complaints Bureau on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Ensure that letters to editor answered within 1 working day after receiving responses from departments and agencies.


  • Focal point in disseminiting information relating to the Ministry.
  • Plan and implement activities to improve corporate image and branding of the Ministry and its agencies.
  • Plan, coodinate and implement communication plans/promotions/publicity and engagement as well as achievements of the Ministry and its Agencies.
  • Planning and implementing public relations programs for the Ministry and its Agencies.
  • Manage and build good relationship with media.
  • Plan, manage, implement and monitor Customer related matters.
  • Manage, monitor and coodinate complaints received.
  • Monitor issues related to Ministry and its agencies on all media channels.
  • Plan, coodinate and publish publication Ministry related publication materials.


  • Fostering good corporate relations with industry, media, key industry players(stakeholders) and customers (public).
  • Regulate, monitor and manage all activities relating to complaints and issues from members of the public on Ministry and its agencies services.
  • Develop image, advertise and promote latest information, services and policies relating to the Ministry.

Organization Chart​