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Maritime safety includes area of safety of navigation, seafarers, oil spill response and vessel traffic system. These elements are essential to ensure Malaysian waters are safe, secure and to preserve the marine environment.

Aids To Navigation​
To ensure safety of navigation in Malaysian waters, aids to navigation such as lighthouses, beacons and also buoys are sited in appropriate areas. Apart from that, the Marine Electronic Highway and Traffic Separation Scheme are also developed to enhance safe passage of marine traffic.​


​​ Seafarers
Seafarers consisting of deck and engineering crew are responsible for overall ship operation and maintenance. Seafarers need to possess technical expertise and extensive knowledge with regards to ship operation.​


Oil Spill Response
Ship operation involves the risk of ship incidents and collisions which can lead to oil spills. This will have negative impact on the marine environment as well as to the maritime community. Hence the oil spill response system has been set up.​


Vessel Traffic System (VTS)
Vessel Traffic System is a marine traffic monitoring system to monitor ships plying within Malaysian waters and also as an aid to navigation.​


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