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The Logistics And Trade Facilitation Master Plan provides the strategic framework to improve the efficiency of transport and trade facilitation and elevate Malaysia to become “The Preferred Logistics Gateway to Asia”. The Masterplan outlines the steps which will need to be taken in order to capitalise on our strengths in resolving bottlenecks in the logistics sector.

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The logistics industry is the backbone to the supply chain and it is recognised as a key to stimulate trade, facilitate business and spur economic growth. In cognisance of Malaysia potential in this industry, Economic Planning Unit (EPU) developed the Logistics and Trade Facilitation Masterpan to provide the strategic direction for the development of the logistics industry to further improve its productivity and competitiveness. ​


Action Plan​
A total of 21 action plans for the strategic direction is to be implemented to improve overall productivity to a better connect industries with their markets, both locally and internationally.

These action plans are well planned to overcome barriers in the industry, stimulating domestic economic development and strengthen Malaysia's position in the Asian region .


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