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Services Offered


Three elements are required under this service are verification of vehicle information, driving license and penalty related offences.​

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1. Verification On Vehicle Information​

Among the items that can be verified are expiry date, renewal applications, cancellation of the Motor Vehicle License (MVL), re-use of lost / stolen / total loss registration numbers and the beacon light assembly applications.​

Verification of Vehicle Information can be made online ​here.

2. Verification of Driving License​

Driving license related services includes verification of expiry date, appeals, and applications for international driving permit (International Driving Permit - IDP).​

Driving Licence verification can be made online here​.

3. Offences and Penalties​

T​his menu involves verification of holder’s driving license or vehicle for any record of traffic offences. Additionally, blacklist records on particular vehicle or licensee for any RTD service transactions can be verified using this menu.

Verification Of Offences and Penalties can be made online ​​​here.

mySIKAP Online System​

mySIKAP is an transformed online system for core services under the Road Transport Department (JPJ). Service delivery can be performed in real-time through with the upgrading of the ICT infrastructure to be more stable, sustainable and safe.​

mySIKAP comprises of 4 core and 18 supporting service applications to improve the Department’s efficiency and quality of service on par with world class services to all client.​

More information about the mySIKAP online system can be found ​here. ​​​


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Further information about the services offered by road transport department can be accessed through the main RTD website at ​