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Standards Development / Technical Specifications Vehicle

​​​Standards Development / Technical Specifications Vehicle by international rules through the implementation of the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).​

In line with the National Automotive Policy and as a member country in the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29), Malaysia are also responsible for adapting the regulations of the United Nations (UN) as a benchmark for ensuring the marketable level of quality automotive products.​


In Malaysia, the UN regulations has been enacted gradually into the Road Transport Rules and other related rules.​

​This regulation is carried out through the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) process, spearheaded by the Division of Automotive Engineering of the Road Transport Department.​

To ensure that this process is transparent and effective, the National Committee for Type Approval (VTA) and Homologation has been established to assess each vehicle type approval application made and to ensure that every aspect of the vehicle is in line with current regulations specified.​

​​As a member country of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29), Malaysia had also became the signatory of the 1958 and 1998 Agreement and therefore committed to adapt UN rules into existing rules of the Road Transport.​

Under the 1958 agreement of the WP29, certification process for each of the tests conducted are required to be in accordance with UN rules, whereby the 1998 Agreement is a 'self-declaration' for each of the standards to be complied based on the Global Technical Regulation (GTR).​

Under the 1958 Agreement, there are 133 UN rules that covers the technical and the safety aspects of vehicles as well as emissions and noise control of the vehicle. The number of rules will increase from time to time depending on the results of WP29.​

Implementation of UN Regulation 134​ ​

For further information please refer to the Guidelines Vehicle Type Approval (Amendment 2015)​​ ​​

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