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Is one of the main mode of transportation in the country.The Ministry are responsible in road transport regulations involving issues relating to driving license, vehicle registration, vehicle technical specifications and road traffic enforcement.​​

Standard Development/Vehicle Technical Specifications​
The Malaysian Government through the Ministry Of Transport has been a member country of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29) since 4th April 2006. The Road Transport Department (RTD) through document ECE/TRNAS/WP29/343/Rev.20 were recognised by the WP29 as the Approval Authority (AA) for the Government on 26th June 2012, which serves as the parties responsible for the implementation of UN Rules and regulations.


Services offered
The services offered is the transactions associated with the Road Transport Department (RDT) which is the drivers and vehicles regulatory body in Malaysia. In effort to improve the service delivery, RTD through its ICT developments initiatives has established self-checking and online transactions medium for public.​


Road Safety Research
MIROS are responsible for planning, conducting research and evaluation on areas relating to road safety sector. It also act as one stop center for collection and dissemination of information through printing and training programmes.​


Vehicle Inspection
PUSPAKOM is the computerised vehicle inspection company to ensure vehicle meets the stipulated safety standards. Motorcar owners will be charged with appropriate rate specified accordingly.​


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