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Road Transport

Under road transport there are two (2) of the parent and a subsidiary Act which is the road transport act 1987, Act Institute of road safety Research 2012 and road transport rules.

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The road transport act 1987 [Act 333]

An act to make provision about the regulation of motor vehicles and traffic in streets and other things that have linkages with roads and vehicles. In addition, the Act also provides for protection against third parties against risks arising from the use of motor vehicles in addition to assigning a method/way for construction and the use of motor vehicles.


download The road transport act 1987 [Act 333].


Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research Act 2012 (Act 748)

An act was enacted to reinforce the existence of the MIROS as a corporate body (body corporate) and give legal protection to the relevant Institutions in implementing the gsi-fun function properly. The enactment of this Act involves 60 section which has come into force with effect from 15 July 2012.

download Act road safety Research Institute Malaysia 2012 [Act 791].


Road Transport Rules

Involves the compilation of 50 rules related to the road transport sector. These rules are the details of the principal Act (RTA 1987) and and will be amended from time to time depending on a policy set by the Government.

The rules were formulated as follows:

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