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NKRA – UPT : GTP 2.0 (2013 – 2015)

NKRA - UPT initiatives (GTP 2.0) for the period 2013-2015 is a continuation of the NKRA-UPT (GTP 1.0).

The NKRA - UPT initiatives (GTP 2.0) is also based on feedbacks from the public that more initiatives need to be implemented to improve the quality of the usage of public transport.

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For this purpose, target has been set within NKRA-UPT (GTP 2.0) to achieve 550,000 public transport ridership during morning peak hours.

NKRA – UPT Initiatives GTP 2.0

Initiatives under the NKRA-UPT (GTP 2.0) has been introduced and will implement 5 main categories as compared to 4 categories previously implemented under NKRA-UPT (GTP 1.0).

The 5 main categories are Rail, Bus, Taxi, Integration and Travel Demand as per the following chart:-



Target and KPI for the NKRA-UPT (GTP 2.0) in 2013-2015 are as follows: