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Aircraft accidents or serious incidents should be reported to the Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB).

Report Air Accident to AAIB MALAYSIA (Form)​

** E-mail the form to yahaya[at]mot[dot]gov[dot]my or Faxs: 03-8888 0163


The following people must notify the AAIB without delay if they have knowledge of an aircraft accidents or serious incidents which occurred in Malaysia:

  • The crew of the aircraft;
  • The owner of the aircraft;
  • The operator of the aircraft;
  • People involved in the maintenance, design, or manufacture of the aircraft;
  • People involved in the training of the aircraft's crew;
  • People involved in providing air air traffic control, flight information services to the aircraft; and
  • Staff of the Civil Aviation Authority.


The AAIB will need to know as much of the following information as possible:

  • The type, model, nationality and registration marks of the aircraft;
  • The nemes of the owner, operator and hirer (if any) of the aircraft;
  • The name of the commander of the aircraft;
  • The date and time (UTC) of the accident or serious incident;
  • The last point of departure and the next point of intended landing of the aircraft;
  • The number of
    • Crew on board and the number killed or seriously injured;
    • Passengers on board and the number killed or seriously injured;
    • Other persons killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident.
  • The nature of the accident or serious incident and the extent of damage as far as is known.


Movable asset means an asset that can be transferred from one place to another, including asset that is supplied or installed together with the building.

  • Movable asset which the original price during procurement is RM1,000 (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand) and above for each item; or
  • Movable asset that requires scheduled maintenance, regardless of the original procurement price. This scheduled maintenance refers to asset that requires maintenance as provided in the manual/user manual.
  • Movable asset which the original price during procurement less than RM1,000 (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand) each and does not require scheduled maintenance.
  • Furniture, carpet, furnishing, curtains and dishes regardless of the original procurement price.

For invitation of quotation, companies registered with the Ministry of Transport will be invited.

For invitation of tender, companies may refer to advertisement that being advertised in major newspaper. Other than that, any company registered with the e-Bidding, will receive tender advertisements on the e-Bidding website.

Every application for advance need to be sent at least a week before the designated trip.

Procurement amount in excess of RM 500,000

Procurement amount must exceed RM 50,000 and less than RM 500,000

Payment for every complete claim will be made within 14 days.

Acting allowance is the difference between the starting salary of the acting post with the actual salary of the officer with the condition:

  • The difference is not less than one movement of salary then the officer’s actual salary. If the difference is less than one movement of pay, acting allowance is the same as one movement of normal salary above the acting salary scale; and
  • If the officer’s actual salary is the same or higher than the starting salary of the acting post, acting allowance is one movement of normal salary above the salary scale of the acting post.

According to Peraturan-peraturan Pegawai Awam (Pelantikan, Kenaikan Pangkat Dan Penamatan Pemangkuan 2005 (P.U.(A)176)):

  • For officers in the appointment grade, seniority is based on the date of permanent appointment;
  • For officers in the promotion grade, seniority is based on the date they fill in the actual post

Covering of duty must be instituted on a working day.

Officers who are not entitled for JPA scholarship can apply for a half-pay study leave or no-pay study leave.

Psychological Testing Services, Counseling Services, Service Advisory services and Career Services.

Counseling is a process to build a relationship between a counselor/psychologist and client to produce change, development and personal adjustment of the client as voluntary counseling referrals based on ethics.

DSL is an abbreviation for Domestic Shipping License. Under the Cabotage Policy which was implemented on 1st January 1980, ships, other than those excluded under Section 65L of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952, which carry passengers or goods:-

  • from any port or place in Malaysia to another port or place in Malaysia; or
  • from any port or place in Malaysia to any place in the exclusive economic zone or vice versa;

or involved in the towing or pushing of any ship engaged in domestic shipping shall have a valid DSL.

Conditions to be fulfilled by applicants are as follows:-

  • For an individual or sole-proprietor, must be a Malaysian citizen.
  • For an organization/corporation:-
    • The corporation is incorporated in Malaysia;
    • The majority of the directors of the corporation are Malaysian citizens; and
    • The majority of the shareholding including the voting shares of the corporation is held by Malaysian citizens free from any trust or obligation in favour of non-Malaysians.

Malaysia has a total of 105 landing facilities ranging from major ports to landing jetties. Ports in the country are categorized broadly into major and minor ports and the Federal Ports are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport while the State Ports in Sabah and Sarawak are under the respective State Government. These are further categorized as major and minor ports:

  • Major Federal Ports
    1. ​Port Klang
    2. Port of Tanjung Pelepas
    3. Penang Port
    4. Johor Port
    5. Kuantan Port
    6. Kemaman Port
    7. Bintulu Port
  • ​Minor Federal Ports
    1. The remaining landing facilities and jetties including ports which come under the purview of the Marine Department are classified as minor ports. Some of these include Labuan Port, Port Dickson Port and Kerteh Port.

Syarat permohonan lesen memandu golongan OKU adalah sama seperti permohonan biasa. Walaubagaimanapun, golongan OKU diberi kemudahan dengan membenarkan mereka membawa kenderaan yang telah diubahsuai semasa ujian Praktikal.

Saman ekor merupakan notis kepada pemilik kenderaan untuk memberi maklumat butiran pemandu kenderaan di bawah Seksyen 115 Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 yang melakukan kesalahan yang berkenaan. Notis ini akan dihantar ke alamat pemilik kenderaan yang terdapat dalam pangkalan data JPJ. Istilah rasmi bagi saman ekor ialah Notis Pol.170A.

Saman ekor dikeluarkan oleh Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) ke atas kesalahan memandu melebihi had laju sahaja.

Orang awam/syarikat boleh memohon sewa tanah keretapi dengan mengisi borang PAK/H-01 yang boleh didapati di laman web atau datang sendiri ke pejabat Perbadanan Aset Keretapi di alamat seperti yang tertera di dalam laman web tersebut.

There are 7 international airports in Malaysia, which are the KLIA, KLIA2, Langkawi, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Johor Bahru.

Apart from the 6 international airports in Malaysia, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, Subang, Melaka, Senai, Tioman, Ipoh, Sandakan, Tawau, Labuan, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri airports also capable of handling international or foreign flights. These airports have also been declared as gateways to Malaysia. These airports fulfill the guidelines set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) under Annex 9, which pertains to customs, immigration, and quarantine facilitation.

Generally, airports handle various aircraft larger than Fokker50 compared to the facilities provided by airstrips, which can only handle smaller aircraft. Apart from that airports have control towers unlike airstrips where such infrastructure is not available.

A Full Service Carrier provides in-flight meals, entertainment and other complementary services. Hence, the fares charged are generally higher. It services also incorporate hub and spoke networks and it offers a variety of air travel classes such as first (F), business (C) and economy (E) classes.

In terms of technical and operational requirements, there is no difference as both types of carriers follow the rules and regulations on safety and technical aspects as stipulated in the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) issued by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

An Aerodrome/Airport Operating License is issued to airport operators (e.g. MAHB) by the Ministry of Transport under section 24A Civil Aviation Act (CAA) 1969 to manage an airport. The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) oversees the airport operators.

Scheduled flight services means flights that are operated to serve air traffic according to a published timetable or flights that so regular or frequent that they constitute a recognizably systematic series. Non-scheduled flights mean air services other than scheduled flights.

A flight operator with a valid ASL/ASP must successfully undergo a technical audit by the DCA before the issuance of an AOC. The issuance of an AOC falls under rule 24(1) and (2) which requires applicants to be competent to provide safe flight operations and it must be renewed every year. ASL/ASP and AOC are two important documents, which are required for air services.

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