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Development Project of Land – NKRA


MOT has implemented several NKRA development projects for the Land Sector , which was began in 2013. The projects are as follows ​: -

​ ​ ​

Semi Overhaul EMU Class 83​

Semi Overhaul EMU Class 83 has done to improve the safety of train operations and performance of KTMB commuter service​.


Capacity Increase of KTM Commuter and Support Facilities

Enhance the capacity and commuter services in the Klang Valley.


Bus Stop Programme

  1. Expand bus services
  2. Provide more comfortable existing bus stops
  3. Provide information / schedule and bus routes panel at the bus stops.
  4. Provide serial no./ code and bus stop inventory.
​​​ ​​​

Greater KL Stage Bus Network Revamp

Improve the efficiency of public transport services in the city center by providing more comprehensive corridor bus routes.

Centralised Taxi Service System

Creating a more competative taxi industry with an excellent image and centralized call systems.​

​ ​

Parkway Facilities

  1. Improve integration between bus and rail services in order to ease disembarking passengers monilities to the commuter stations​.
  2. Project : Parkway Dropzone at Serdang Comuter Station, Taman Dato’ Haron and Batu Tiga.​

Integrated Ticketing & Automated Fare Collection

Providing integrated cashless ticketing system for all operators to ensure smooth rides.​


  1. Provide covered walkway as integration between public transport stations in the city center.​
  2. Project : Construction of pedestrian linkages at Wangsa Maju and Sri Rampai.​

​​​ ​​​

Park and Ride Facilities

  1. Car park demand as a first mile facilitiy for the publishers.​
  2. Users can park their vehicle at park n ride facilities and continue their journey to the city center using the public transport system.​
  3. ​Project : Construction of park n ride facilities at Klang/Nilai/Rawang Comuter Station, Salak Tinggi ERL Station, and Taman Paramount/ Taman Jaya/Taman Bahagia LRT Station.
​​​ ​​​

Strengthening JPJ’s Enforcement Program​

Improvly Road Transport Department’s operational efficiencies through the online system.​

​ ​

Journey Planner

Improvly the efficiency of public transport services through applications that can provide the user information of the position of the station, fares , public transport routes and itineraries.


NKRA – UPT achivement between the period 2010 – 2012 was a success. The projects undertaken were as follows​: -


Procurement of 35 new 4 cars set coach for LRT Kelana Jaya Line​

35 sets of 4cars set coachs have been delivered and are now fully operational during the morning peak hours in LRT Kelana Jaya line.​


Procurement of new 38 sets of 6 coach EMU’s​

All 38 sets were handed over to KTMB and have been operational.​

Procurement of 470 New RapidKL Bus​

All 470 new buses were delivered in 2011, with 70 midi buses and 400 buses with 44 seats. ​


Launching of N​ew 9 Bus Expressway Transit ( BET ) Coridor

The 9 new corridors involved routes from Kota Damansara , Bandar Sg . Long , Subang Mewah , Taman Sri Muda , Tasik Puteri , Bukit Luckily , Sri Nilam , Semenyih and Rawang to KL CBD.​

Repair 1,102 B​us Stops

A total of 634 bus stops ( year 2010) and 468 bus stops in 2011 were identified by the local authorities to be refurbished.​

​​​ ​​​

Terminal Selatan Bersepadu Development Project – Bandar Tasik Selatan​

The ITT BTS was fully operational on 1 March 2011 and successfully reduced the daily congestion in the city center (CBD) by diverting 500 express buses heading to southbound.​


Park n Ride Project in Klang Valley​

​List of the location of park n ride projects which involve LRT and commuter stations:-​

  • Kepong-KTMB
  • Salak Selatan-KTMB
  • Kajang-KTMB
  • Bangi-KTMB
  • True Trunk-KTMB
  • Seremban-KTMB
  • Petaling-KTMB
  • Batu Tiga-KTMB
  • Shah Alam-KTMB
  • Padang Jawa-KTMB
  • Bandar Tasik Selatan-DBKL
  • Sungai Besi-DBKL
  • Sri Petaling-SPNB
  • Gombak-SPNB
  • Upgrading 10 C​ommuter Stations to More Disabled Friendly

    Upgrading works at 10 commuter stations involved construction of tactile , disabled toilets and lifts.​​​ ​​​