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The Ministry is responsible in managing the implementation of the five-year Malaysia Plan development for land, air and maritime sector. The Ministry also evaluates the effectiveness of coordination and supervision of the implemention of the project as well as coordinate and assist departments/agencies related to application and land issues.​

Aviation Sector Development Project​​​
Implement and monitor Aviation projects approved under the eighth Malaysia Plan in every five (5) years in order to ensure the optimisation of expenditure by the Ministry is based on the planning. ​


Development Project of Land​ - NKRA
​​MOT has implemented several NKRA development projects for the Land Sector , which was began in 2013. The projects are as follows ​: -​


​​Development Project of Maritime​​​​​
Manage, control and monitor the implementation of development projects of departments/agencies under the Ministry according to the specified period of time.


Development Project of Land - Rail​​​​
Determine the development programmes, projects and activities of the Ministry in an integrated manner and is effectively implemented to develop and provide for a practical and a modern public transport system.​


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