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The Ministry of Transport plans and set policies regarding air safety standards which includes airworthiness, aviation security, flight operations, standards of airport and air traffic management. Implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the safety standards is conducted by the Department of Civil Aviation ( DCA ) on the following sectors :

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The airworthiness sector serves to oversee matters relating to the airworthiness standards, recommended practices and guidelines and enforcement as provided under the Civil Aviation Act 1969.


Aviation Security
The flights security sector serves to regulate the safety of domestic and international air transport from unlawful acts as required under ICAO Annexes 9, 17 and 18.​​


Flight Operations
The flight operations sector serves to regulate flight operations involving licensing of crews and certification of air carriers and ground handlers​​


Airport Standards
The Airport Services sector serves to oversee the activities of aerodromes to ensure that airport operations are safe and efficient for public use.​​


Air Traffic Management
The Air Traffic Management sector is responsible for providing air traffic control services to ensure any flight operations within Malaysian’s air space remains safe and efficient and in accordance with the 1947 Chicago Convention.Services listed under this is sector includes air traffic control, air traffic control, advisory services , flight information and alerting service.​


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