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HRMD was initially a functioning unit under the Management Services Division. During Ministry of Transport’s (MOT) 2008 restructuring plan, HRMD was upgraded to a full functioning division under MOT’s Deputy Secretary General (Management) to further cater the complex management needs of the Ministry’s multi-schemes personnels.

  • Review and endorse organizational restructuring & redeployment proposals within sixty (60) working days before submitting it to relevant Central Agencies.
  • Review and endorse the need for service & allowance schemes revision proposals within sixty (60) working days before submitting it to relevant Central Agencies.
  • Provide personnels’ service records as per Central Agencies’ requests within fourteen (14) working days.
  • Check, verify and endorse the qualifications for Aids and Facilities claims within ten (10) working days before submitting it for Controlling Officer’s approval.
  • Process external training/ courses applications within seven (7) working days.
  • Provide counselling services within three (3) working days after application is received.
  • Organize/ provide at least twelve (12) internal trainings/ courses in compliance with Public Sector’s Training Policy (a minimum of seven (7) days worth of training attendence annually).
  • Organizational Development Unit
    - Managing organizational restructuring & redeployments, service & allowance schemes revisions, and the administration of the HRMIS system.
  • Service Unit
    - Holistic management of service & personnel and workforce strategic analysis
  • Career Development Unit
    - Management of competency, character & integrity development and service awards/ recognition

To provide support services to all the Ministerial Divisions, Departments & Statutory Bodies in organizational developments, service related matters, personnel career developments and management psychology.​

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