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This unit was established in November 2008 incorporating the functions of Public Relations Unit, previously under the Corporate and International Division. The Unit is made of a Head of Corporate Communications, Public Relations Officers and support staff.

This unit acts as a focal point for the Ministry in disseminating information, managing the ministry's corporate image, media, and public relations function as well as managing complaints and other customer services related matters.​

  • To Provide professional, friendly, courteous and efficient services.
  • To Respond to customer queries and complaints within three working days.
  • Provide a comfortable and friendly customer services customers.
  • Publicise Ministry's program and activities to target audience group.
  • Provide Report on Public Complaints to the Public Complaints Bureau on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Ensure that letters to editor answered within 1 working day after receiving responses from departments and agencies. ​
  • Focal point in disseminiting information relating to the Ministry.
  • Plan and implement activities to improve corporate image and branding of the Ministry and its agencies.
  • Plan, coodinate and implement communication plans/promotions/publicity and engagement as well as achievements of the Ministry and its Agencies.
  • Planning and implementing public relations programs for the Ministry and its Agencies.
  • Manage and build good relationship with media.
  • Plan, manage, implement and monitor Customer related matters.
  • Manage, monitor and coodinate complaints received.
  • Monitor issues related to Ministry and its agencies on all media channels.
  • Plan, coodinate and publish publication Ministry related publication materials. ​
  • Fostering good corporate relations with industry, media, key industry players(stakeholders) and customers (public).
  • Regulate, monitor and manage all activities relating to complaints and issues from members of the public on Ministry and its agencies services.
  • Develop image, advertise and promote latest information, services and policies relating to the Ministry. ​
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