Tuan Haji Othman Bin Jantan
Bachelor in Accounting (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  • Chief Accountant at Ministry of Transport Malaysia, Putrajaya (May 2011- present)
  • Chief Accountant at Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, Putrajaya (May 2007 - April 2011)
  • Deputy Director, Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia, Putrajaya (May 2005 - April 2007)
  • Director, Finance Divison, Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia, JPM, Putrajaya (June 2004 – May 2005)
  • Assistant Director, Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (April 2001 – June 2004)
  • State Treasurer, Perbendaharaan Negeri Selangor(Sept 1989 – March 2001)
  • Accountant, Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Jan 1988 – August 1989)
  • Accountant, Jabatan Bekalan Air Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu (June 1984 – Dec 1987)
  • Accountant, Jabatan Telekom Kawasan Timur, Kuala Terengganu (May 1983 – May 1984)
Since September 2006, Account Department has been fully functional as Self Accounting Department (SAD) which is in line with Treasury Instruction 139. In ensuring Account Department implement its responsibilities efficiently and effectively, there are 4 main functions namely Payment Management, Account, Payroll, Consultation and 2 other functions namely Information Technology and Administration.
  • Produce cheque/ EFT in 5 days from the date payment voucher and necessary supporting documents is received.
  • Make monthly pay for federal government staff on the date set by the government, latest by 25 of each month.
  • Record an account for debit and credit of official resit in 5 days from the date of proper collector's statement is received.
  • Produce monthly account report to be submitted to the department, latest by 10 of the following month.
  • Send information and pay cut resit to relevant agencies in the same month.
  • Prepare cash audit report in 5 working days after cash audit is completed.
  • Respond to national auditor’s comment in 5 working days from the date it is received.
  • Provide account and commerce advisory service to the department in 5 days from the date application is received.
  • Respond to customer’s complaint in 3 working days.
  • Administration Management Section
    i) Implement administrative and service tasks.
    ii) Monitor asset management and store room.
    iii) Prepare annual budget.
    iv) Manage and control finance.
  • Negotiation Section
    i) Plan and implement accounting program to enhance staff skill in accounting department at Branch and Ministry levels.
    ii) Plan and implement eSPKB, eTerimaan and other systems.
    iii) Conduct audit on Departments that applied eSPKB and eTerimaan systems.
    iv) Audit on Collection Department to ensure abide by the rules and regulations enforced.
    v) Provide advisory service pertaining to accounting system and propose on improvement.
    vi) Prepare and manage administrative report.
  • Payment Management Section
    i) Process payment voucher either through cash or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
    ii) Manage payment in bulk to agencies.
    iii) Manage application of payment approval under AP58 (a).
  • Account Management Section
    i) Prepare annual report for Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport.
    ii) Manage supporting documents for closure of annual account.
    iii) Make closure of weekly, monthly and annual accounts.
    iv) Manage accounting codes.
    v) Manage revenue account.
    vi) Manage application of resubmission of rejected cheque / EFT.
    vii) Manage Panjar Accounts.
    viii) Monitor and advice on maintenance of Trust and Deposit Accounts.
    ix) Manage fund in optimum way for payment office of Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport.
    x) Manage subsidiaries’ accounts including car and computer loans, respectively.
  • Remuneration Management Section
    i) Process payment salary within the set duration.
    ii) Prepare income salary (EA form) for taxes purpose.
  • Information Technology Management Section
    i) Monitor and maintain central data for the whole system.
    ii) Monitor and maintain JGM legation system.
    iii) Perform backup, restore and housekeeping operations.
    iv) Manage and monitor application system.
    v) Maintain computer software and hardware.
    • To ensure Ministry of Transport’s accounting system is executed efficiently, effectively and responsibly.
    • To monitor Federation’s revenue or trust and to take necessary steps in ensuring that the revenue or trust is collected and recorded correctly and accurately.
    • To ensure that only authorized expense is recorded in the account accordingly.
    • To report any unfamiliar arrangement pertaining to Public Account to the Control Officer.
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